October 25, 2016 Press Releases

New Eldridge Ad Shows Eldridge Prosecuted Judge in Own Party for Corruption

by Conner for Arkansas

LITTLE ROCK - The Conner Eldridge campaign today released an ad exposing opponent Sen. Boozman's absence and ineffectiveness as a U.S. Senator for Arkansas. Drawing stark differences between the two candidates for U.S. Senate, the ad again features Eldridge's 1953 red Dodge "Debate Truck," which has become an icon for the Eldridge campaign. Eldridge contrasts his small town upbringing, work experience, and the no-nonsense attitude he developed as U.S. Attorney against Sen. Boozman's absence and excessive foreign travel, including 9 taxpayer-funded trips to Paris, France.

You can see the ad here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TvWLavFyOkc&feature=youtu.be

The ad depicts Eldridge driving the red Dodge flatbed through his hometown of Lonoke and pointing to the one-bathroom house in which he grew up. The ad then spotlights Eldridge's experience as a no-nonsense, results-driven prosecutor, even putting away a corrupt judge who was a member of Eldridge's own party. The ad goes on to expose 15-year incumbent, Sen. Boozman's excessive foreign travel, including nine taxpayer-funded trips to Paris, France alone.

The ad focuses on Eldridge's get-it-done approach, regardless of political party. "I'll take on anybody or work with anybody to get things done for Arkansas," Eldridge says in the ad.

"It's no secret Washington is broken, and the reason it's broken is the politicians who go up there are in it for themselves, bicker and blame one another, and forget who they represent," said Eldridge. "My sole purpose in applying to the people of this state for the job of U.S. Senator is to represent Arkansas and get results for the people who live here. These ads illustrate that difference."

"Sen. Boozman, has been there for 15 years, traveled to a bunch of countries on the taxpayer dime - including nine trips to Paris - and has just coasted along, enjoying the perks of the job without doing the hard work to make a difference for this state. I am running on a fundamentally different principle: one Senator from Arkansas can make a difference. We can do this by putting politics aside and standing up for what's right for the people of this state.”

"Voters around this state are ready for something different," said Eldridge, comments that are echoed by the conclusion of the ad: "We can't keep sending the same people to Washington and expect anything to change."