October 25, 2016 Press Releases

Conner Eldridge Prosecuted Man Who Threatened Boozman

by Conner for Arkansas

LITTLE ROCK - Former U.S. Attorney and candidate for the U.S. Senate, Conner Eldridge today put out a statement responding to what he called Sen. Boozman's 'lack of understanding' of Eldridge's career spent serving the people of Arkansas as prosecutor and U.S. Attorney. In his time as a prosecutor for the Western District of Arkansas, Eldridge locked up child predators, drug traffickers, and fraudsters, even putting away the man who threatened to torture and kill Sen. Boozman in 2014.

"Senator Boozman's negative attack on my service as a prosecutor is hypocritical, disingenuous, and shows a serious lack of understanding of the work of a U.S. Attorney," said Eldridge. "He should know the job of prosecutors and law enforcement is about justice, not about politics. He should know that is how I did the job because I prosecuted the man that threatened to torture and kill him. The distinction in this race is this: my campaign is about standing up for what is right regardless of party and politics, just as I did as a prosecutor, and his campaign is about more of the same old tired Washington smear tactics that we're all sick of. I'm proud to be running to be a strong, new voice for our state."

Eldridge continued saying, "Boozman's recent ad is an attempt to distract voters from his record," referring to Boozman's extensive foreign travel on the taxpayer dime and Boozman's failure to accomplish anything in his 15 years in Washington other than renaming 5 post offices. Senator Boozman has traveled to 53 foreign countries a total of 129 times on taxpayer funded trips. During his 15 years in Washington, he has passed just 5 bills, all renaming post offices.

"I am applying to the people of this state for the job of U.S. Senator because I want to work hard every day to make a difference in Washington for people like my mother, who raised me, my sister and brother on a $22,000-a-year teacher’s salary. It's time for a strong, new voice to stand up for all Arkansans, and that is exactly why I am running."