October 26, 2016 Press Releases

Conner Eldridge, Frank Gilbert Debate for Fourth Time

by Conner for Arkansas

HOT SPRINGS - Former U.S. Attorney and candidate for the U.S. Senate, Conner Eldridge today participated in the National Park College State and Local Candidate Debate in Hot Springs. All U.S. Senate candidates were invited to participate; Eldridge and Libertarian Candidate Frank Gilbert participated while Sen. Boozman declined to attend. The National Park College debate marked the fourth debate in which Eldridge and Gilbert have participated; Sen. Boozman has only shown up to one debate to date and has refused countless other invitations.

Among other issues discussed at the college, Eldridge and Gilbert discussed the importance of agriculture to the Arkansas economy, college affordability and keeping cost down for students, law enforcement and police in communities, and the debt and deficit. Eldridge stated, "I intend to be a strong voice for Arkansas agriculture, and that comes from my background working on my family's farm in Lonoke; agriculture is in my blood."

On the issue of law enforcement and racial tensions within communities, Eldridge described his unique perspective he cultivated serving as a U.S. Attorney for the people of this state. "There is often a false choice presented here that we must reject," said Eldridge. "We don't have to choose between supporting law enforcement and dealing with the racial tensions we have in our communities. We can and must do both."

Acknowledging many topics still left uncovered, Eldridge invited Sen. Boozman to participate in future debates and town hall forums around the state before Election Day. "There's still so much left to cover, and Sen. Boozman continues to run and hide from the voters," said Eldridge. "Arkansans want, need, and deserve answers from their candidates and I invite Sen. Boozman to debate and to discuss with Mr. Gilbert, me, and the people of Arkansas the many issues that matter to them."

Eldridge closed saying, "I am in this race because I care deeply about the future of Arkansas and America, and I believe the Senate is the place you go to make an impact. I'm not interested in fitting in anyone's box or following in anyone's line. I am interested in looking at problems, and taking a commonsense, no-nonsense approach to get the things done that will make a difference for the people of this state. The fundamental distinction in this race is leadership, and that's why I'm running.”