October 28, 2016 Press Releases

Conner Eldridge Announces ‘Red Truck Tour’

by Conner for Arkansas

PARIS, AR - Former U.S. Attorney and candidate for the U.S. Senate, Conner Eldridge today announced he will be taking his 1953 debate truck across Arkansas during his "Red Truck Tour" during the last full week of campaigning before the November 8 election. In addition to announcing the road tour, which will take Eldridge all across the state, Eldridge also reissued his 75-county challenge to pledge to travel to all 75 Arkansas counties each year in office if elected to the Senate - a challenge Sen. Boozman has thus far ignored.

"What we have right now is an incumbent who is taking the job of a U.S. Senator and the Arkansas people for granted," said Eldridge. "Arkansans are looking for someone with a strong, new voice, a dedication to the state, and a mentality that says, 'I don't care about political games or noise - I want to get things done for Arkansas.' That's what we're missing in the U.S. Senate, and that's why I'm running for this seat. It's also why I'm barnstorming across Arkansas in the 1953 Dodge truck, shaking every hand possible, working hard to earn the votes of all Arkansans. Today I've made it to Conway, Russellville, and Paris, Arkansas. Unlike my opponent, who has been on 129 visits abroad to 53 different countries including 9 trips to Paris, France, I'd take Paris, Arkansas over Paris, France any day."

Within his first ten months on the campaign trail, Eldridge had already visited all 75 counties in Arkansas, and since then, he's ramped up his travels, journeying to most of the 75 counties at least twice. In his fifteen years in office, Boozman has rarely been seen in Arkansas. In fact, prior to this election season, records showed there to be at least seven counties that had no record of Boozman being in, and at least 20 counties that showed Boozman had been to either once or zero times. And while Sen. Boozman claims a number of "unique trips" back to Arkansas that sounds extravagant, he conveniently leaves out that 75% of those trips are to the same 4 counties.

Eldridge again asked Sen. Boozman to agree to travel to all 75 counties each year in office if elected to the U.S. Senate, a challenge Eldridge first issued two weeks ago at the AETN U.S. Senate debate. So far, Sen. Boozman has not accepted the offer, but Eldridge has made it clear he would make engagement and travel within Arkansas a top priority as a U.S. Senator.