November 3, 2016 Press Releases

Annual Arkansas Poll: John Boozman Approval Rating Lower than Barack Obama

by Conner for Arkansas

JONESBORO - The 19th annual Arkansas Poll was released yesterday and included several insights into the political climate in Arkansas including several notable points on the U.S Senate race.

Most surprising is the statistic that John Boozman’s approval rating sits at a low 35%, - his lowest job approval since 2011 – and 40% of Arkansans are not sure of the job that John Boozman is doing. Conversely, Barack Obama’s approval rating sits at 37% - his highest number since 2010 and one that is surprisingly higher than John Boozman's.

“In most jobs, if you get a 35% thumbs up on how you are doing your job in your review, you should probably start looking for another job," said Eldridge. "However, Washington politicians, including John Boozman, seem to hold themselves to a different standard. They seem to think it's okay to do the bare minimum and that they deserve to get their contract renewed for another six years, regardless of performance. We need to remind those in Washington that they work for us Arkansans, and we need accountability for our tax dollars. Five bills and five post offices, is all we have to show for John Boozman’s time in Washington – it’s time we do better for Arkansas."

The Arkansas Poll's head-to-head numbers, including the undecided numbers in the Senate race, are 42% Boozman and 27% Eldridge, while 32% remain undecided, meaning nearly one third of Arkansas voters remain undecided in the U.S. Senate race, including many Republicans and Independents. When including those in the "undecided" category, which is customary in analyzing polls, the U.S. Senate race is shown to have tightened significantly from previous polls taken months ago. The Libertarian candidate was left out of the poll.

“It’s no wonder that so many are undecided about this senate race. While Arkansans are working hard to get ahead, John Boozman has been focused on getting his passport stamped as he travels the world. We should have a Senator who will put working for Arkansas ahead of partisan fights. We need someone who works as hard for Arkansas as the people of Arkansas work everyday. If elected, that’s the kind of U.S. Senator I will be for Arkansas,” Eldridge said.